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Simple Happy Kitchen Announces Book Publication

After raising more than $200K, The first illustrated guide for plant-based nutrition will be published June 25

Simple Happy Kitchen Announces Book Publication

The Simple Happy Kitchen book

„Simple Happy Kitchen: an illustrated guide for you plant-based life“, to be published on 25 June

Simple Happy Kitchen, the plant-based nutrition infographics website is today announcing that „Simple Happy Kitchen: an illustrated guide for you plant-based life“ will be published on June 25, and is now available for pre-order on their website.

Backed by more than 2500 people on Kickstarter and Indiegogo who helped raise more than $200,000, the book is now ready for publication. In this fully illustrated, fun and easy-to-follow guide, the team behind the the popular website breakdown the fundamentals of plant-based nutrition using adorable characters and lots of humor. Meant for both vegan and non-vegans alike, the guide contains everything from myth breakers, food storage tips to recipes and information about the effect of our lifestyles on the environment.

While dealing with plant-based nutrition, this is not your typical vegan diet book. It is the first book of its kind and is part of the company“s whole line of educational products meant to help guide readers and improve the diets of children’s and families all over the world. Instead of charts, numbers and warnings, the books uses positivity, fun and speaks in a language kids understand.

There are chapters on meal planning, superfoods, exercise, budgeting, label-reading and the environment. It helps understand the basics of nutrition while providing information on how to make the most of each food source. The book was written together with a clinical dietitian making sure it is not just fun but also verified and factual.

Simple Happy Kitchen introduces a new way to discuss and learn about plant-based nutrition – with positivity, humor and fun.

Says illustrator and founder of Simple Happy Kitchen, Miki Mottes: „We are so proud to be publishing the first illustrated plant-based guide. Increasing awareness of the benefits of plant-based nutrition means the demand for this type of easy-to-understand and light hearted guide is also on the rise. The amazing support we received from our fans and backers has proven the timing is right“.

Early signs are that the book will have a significant impact: more than 2500 people backed the project on crowdfunding platforms helping to raise more than $200,000.

Notes for editors
For more information, page samples, book cover imagery, or for high-res images see our online press kit

For questions and to arrange interviews please contact Neta Dror, co-founder and marketing director: neta@simplehappyklitchen.com

Simple Happy Kitchen is an educational website helping simplify plant-based nutrition using humor and infographics. The company is now releasing its first book – the first fully illustrated plant-based guide. The book uses fun illustrations and infographics in order to break down complicated and often boring nutritional information with the goal of making plant-based nutrition accessible.

Simple Happy Kitchen
Neta Dror
Hapelech 7
71750 Tel Aviv
Phone: +972543358714
E-Mail: hello@simplehappykitchen.com
Url: http://www.simplehappykitchen.com

Neta Dror
Neta Dror
Hapelech 7
71750 Tel Aviv
Phone: +972543358714
E-Mail: neta@simplehappykitchen.com
Url: http://www.simplehappykitchen.com

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NEW Natural Chef Course in Dublin

Jumpstart your career at the College of Naturopathic Medicine

NEW Natural Chef Course in Dublin

Dublin, Ireland: CNM, The College of Naturopathic Medicine“s, new Natural Chef course meets the demands of society“s growing awareness of foods that support and promote health, and increased interest in nutritious dining options that entice with taste and innovative cooking. The CNM Natural Chef is a 3-part diploma course covering what you need to succeed as a Natural Chef; from how the digestive process works, to steps for building your culinary career! Training consists of 420 hours of life-changing education, followed by an internship of 100 additional hours.

At CNM, Natural Chef Students are taught to prepare delicious gourmet meals that focus on nutritional value, keeping to whole, organic, fresh and minimally processed foods that are procured in season. And, as no single dietary regimen is appropriate for everyone, students learn how individualised food plans can enhance health.

This course is suitable for all foodies, aspiring chefs and skilled cooks. Whether you want to learn how to prepare healthy and delicious food for your family, or you want to turn your skills and knowledge into a successful career in an expanding culinary field.

Diploma Course includes:
-Food fundamentals
-Natural Chef techniques
-Food for Health
-Therapeutic menu & recipe writing
-Building a culinary career

Learn more! Attend a FREE Open Evening in Dublin
Call 01 672 5036 or book online www.naturopathy.ie

About The College of Naturopathic Medic: The College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) is Ireland“s largest and longest established training provider for Nutrition Courses, Herbal Medicine Courses and Acupuncture Courses with colleges in Dublin, Cork and Galway. CNM has additional colleges throughout the UK and USA.

About The College of Naturopathic Medic: The College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) is Ireland“s largest and longest established training provider for Nutrition Courses, Herbal Medicine Courses and Acupuncture Courses with colleges in Dublin, Cork and Galway. CNM has additional colleges throughout the UK and USA.

Can Behan
Townshend street 215
6 Dublin
Phone: 0892407292
E-Mail: pr@naturopathy.ie
Url: https://www.naturopathy.ie/

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Kochen mit Sattmachern

gesunde Ernährung nach eigenen Rezepten

Kochen mit Sattmachern

SoAbnehmen Blog und Youtube-Kanal

Kanton Schwyz – September 2012 wurde der YouTube-Kanal SoAbnehmen eröffnet.
Dort zeigen Ute Schmidt und ihre Tochter Nicole ihre eigenen Rezepte. Mittlerweile sind über 130 Rezepte online. In Videos wird vorgekocht. Die Rezepte sind mit kcal- und ProPoints-Angaben auf dem Blog so-abnehmen.info als PDF abrufbar.
Ihre Rezepte passen auch perfekt in das erfolgreichste Ernährungsprogramm der Welt – WeightWatchers. Mit den Rezepten können Sie abnehmen und fit bleiben und das ganz kostenlos. In den Rezepten wird auch größtenteils auf Fertigprodukte und Geschmacksverstärker verzichtet und es werden Alternativen hierzu aufgezeigt. Werden doch fertige Produkte verwendet, werden diese kritisch beleuchtet und getestet.
In ihren Videos zeigen die Damen Rezepte, Ernährungs- und Kaufempfehlungen. Sie präsentieren flexible Alternativen zu herkömmlichen Lebensmitteln.
Die Rezepte spezialisieren sich auf Sattmacher. So können sie von WeightWatcher-Nutzern ohne Bedenken gekocht werden und bieten auch allen anderen eine Grundlage für eine gesunde Ernährung. Ute und Nicole leben diese gesunde Lebensweise selbst. Damit zeigen sie die Wirkung ihrer Ernährung direkt in ihren Videos – mit allen Hochs und Tiefs.
Die Rezepte sind arm an ProPoints, so haben sie beispielsweise einen Kuchen gebacken, der pro Stück nur 2 ProPoints hat. Der Tortenboden hat insgesamt nur 540 kcal.
Ute und Nicole machen gesunde Ernährung zu Unterhaltung und animieren zum Mitmachen.

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Nicole Schmidt
Haltenweg 14
8862 Schübelbach
+41 555347576