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Launch of meteocontrol Chile

Monitoring for photovoltaic systems: meteocontrol expands market presence in South America

Launch of meteocontrol Chile

Martin Schneider of meteocontrol (right) and Fernando de la Rosa of Ingetrace Solar SpA (left) (Source: meteocontrol GmbH)

Augsburg/Santiago de Chile, October 11, 2017 – meteocontrol GmbH, the worldwide leading provider of independent photovoltaic (PV) monitoring systems, continues to pursue an international market presence. With the founding of a joint venture in Chile, the company is meeting the needs of the growing photovoltaic markets in South America. meteocontrol Chile SpA has its headquarters in Santiago de Chile, and is focusing on tapping the markets in Chile, Peru and Bolivia.

The signs point to growth – both at meteocontrol and for the use of solar energy in Chile. „We want to push our internationalization. As a pioneer in solar energy in South America, Chile offers the best conditions,“ says Martin Schneider, Managing Director at meteocontrol. „Through this joint venture, we will be better positioned to care for our existing local clients and provide faster technical support, which is currently hindered by the time difference with Germany. Of course, we are also focusing on gaining new clients and completing further projects, both in Chile and in the neighboring countries Peru and Bolivia,“ says Schneider. The joint venture partner is the Chilean company Ingetrace Solar SpA.

Monitoring for Public Solar Rooftop Program in Chile
Within the framework of the Public Solar Rooftop Program „Programa de Techos Solares Publicos“ meteocontrol has, to date, installed monitoring systems on 106 photovoltaic systems on public buildings in northern and central Chile in cooperation with Ingetrace SpA, a Chilean PV service provider. This successful collaboration inspired the establishment of meteocontrol Chile SpA under the direction of Fernando de la Rosa: „Our whole team is looking forward to the new challenge and we are contributing the necessary experience from our many years in the sale of technologically demanding products. Photovoltaic has become the most economical form of energy production in Chile and thus offers huge growth potential. The goal is to take complete advantage of this opportunity.“

meteocontrol Chile at Solar Asset Management LATAM
The company will present itself to industry experts for the first time at Solar Asset Management LATAM – the leading South American solar conference – in Santiago de Chile. From October 17 to 18, 2017, Fernando de la Rosa’s team will display meteocontrol“s innovative monitoring solutions and services. A central focus will be the data loggers of the blue’Log X series and remote monitoring within the VCOM monitoring portal (virtual control room).

meteocontrol is the leading global provider of independent solar monitoring systems and currently monitors more than 43,000 PV systems with a total power output of over 12 GWp. For more than 40 years, meteocontrol has developed monitoring software and hardware for solar PV systems. They offer planning and commissioning of monitoring systems, as well as yield forecasts, technical due diligence, and energy and weather data analytics. Their independent engineering division has supported projects with a total investment of more than 13 billion euros. meteocontrol GmbH is a member of SFCE Shunfeng International Clean Energy Limited, with headquarters in Augsburg, Germany, and Shanghai, as well as subsidiaries in Lyon, Madrid, Milan, Santiago de Chile, Tokyo, and Chicago. Further information: http://www.meteocontrol.com

meteocontrol GmbH
Barbara Koreis
Spicherer Str. 48
86157 Augsburg
Phone: +49 821 34 666-40
Fax: +49 821 34 666-11
E-Mail: b.koreis@meteocontrol.com
Url: http://www.meteocontrol.com

epr-elsaesser public relations
Andrea Schneider
Maximilianstraße 50
86150 Augsburg
Phone: +49 821 450879-18
Fax: +49 821 450879-20
E-Mail: as@epr-online.com
Url: http://epr-online.com

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Thanks to a wind logger

Thanks to a wind logger

Wind Logger PCE-WL 2

Thanks to a wind logger, no on-site personnel is necessary anymore. Data collectors are quick to install, easy to handle and are mainly used in the field of monitoring trucks or error analysis of systems. Most of data collectors are equipped and delivered with analysis software, where all operating systems of Microsoft support this software.

Thanks to a wind logger, no on-site personnel is necessary anymore. Data collectors are quick to install, easy to handle and are mainly used in the field of monitoring trucks or error analysis of systems. Most of data collectors are equipped and delivered with analysis software, where all operating systems of Microsoft support this software.

The PCE-WL wind logger is an essential device regarding wind energy. The new PCE-WL2 wind logger from PCE Instruments UK is applied to check in advance if it are worth constructing a wind power plant in certain regions. The wind situation is measured and analyzed with the help of the logger. The measured values for wind speed and wind direction are stored on a normal SD-Card so they can be analyzed on a computer. Due to the IP65 standard, the logger is also waterproof. Moreover, with integrated heating, the logger can guarantee reliable measurements regardless of the weather conditions, for example in winter with harsh weather conditions (for this, power supply must be provided). With a weight of only 450 g and dimensions of 160 x 80 x 55 mm, the instrument is easy to transport. With the integrated wind sensor, the data logger measures wind speed and wind direction. Furthermore, the cups of the wind energy data logger are equipped with Reed relay which guarantees a long life-time, as there is almost no wear. In addition to the possibility of transferring the data via SD-Card, the new PCE-WL 1 possesses an RS-232 interface where a USB cable can be connected.

The affordable data loggers of PCE Instruments UK, which can capture different signals over a certain period of time, are ideal for wind energy applications. Long-term recordings of measuring parameters can be taken anywhere, aided by its programmable processor, internal storage, different interfaces and input channels for the connection of different sensors.

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PCE Instruments is specialized on the corporate sales of high-performance and innovative products from the sectors of measurement-, control-, weighing-, and laboratory technology. The portfolio covers a broad, diversified range of products in these areas, not least with their very own product line-up PCE-series.
PCE Instruments is characterized by wide-reaching services. That enables PCE Instruments to be a professional partner for industry, trade and research. Founded in 1999 as a small engineering office in Germany, the company has now broadly expanded. Locations in Spain, Italy, England and Chile have been established. Due to investments in new offices-, manufacturing and storage areas, the operating area with new sectors of research and development and marketing have been expanded. From the small jewellery scale to a crane scale, from a small range finder to the infrared camera, from the calibrated anemometer up to the professional weather station; the online shop has everything. Our Technical staff will gladly help and offer free advice to customers. In the year of 2012, all locations were unified under the name of PCE HOLDING in order to be well prepared for future growth.

PCE Instruments UK Ltd.
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