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meteocontrol provides the monitoring system for a Japanese solar park

meteocontrol provides the monitoring system for a Japanese solar park

Augsburg, August 25, 2016 – With a major project, meteocontrol GmbH expands its presence in Japan’s growing photovolatic market. meteocontrol supplies a tailored monitoring system as a turnkey solution for the planned 18 MWp solar park by Advantec Co. Ltd: project management, monitoring design and commissioning included. The solar park will be built in Kirishima, a city located at the northern end of the Kagoshima Bay in southern Japan.

Ten monitoring stations with blue“Log X-6000 data loggers and 300 string combiner boxes with interfaces to inverters and sensors ensure the highest quality and reliability of data recording, monitoring and control. meteocontrol also supports Advantec during the planning phase and realizes the monitoring system in accordance with the company“s exact needs and the park“s layout. The monitoring solution enables Advantec to professionally operation management on meteocontrol“s remote monitoring platform „virtual control room“ (VCOM).

meteocontrol, EU headquarter based in Augsburg, Germany and APMEA headquarter based in Shanghai (China), with offices and branches in Chicago (U.S.A.), Lyon (France), Madrid (Spain) and Milan (Italy) offers energy and weather data management, yield reports, quality audits and technical due diligence as well as monitoring of PV systems of all sizes. meteocontrol has more than 40 years of expertise in renewable energy systems and has so far been involved in projects with a total investment volume of more than 13 billion Euros. In addition, meteocontrol is the market leader for professional remote monitoring of PV systems. meteocontrol monitors around 41,000 PV systems around the globe with a total power of over 11 GWp. meteocontrol is a member of SFCE Shunfeng International Clean Energy Limited.
Further information: www.meteocontrol.com

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The Acceleration Data Logger PCE-MSR 165 provides control

The Acceleration Data Logger PCE-MSR 165 provides control

The acceleration data logger PCE-MSR 195

The new Acceleration data logger (3 axis) can be applied in different areas Which measures acceleration. Acceleration or deceleration can permanently be determined with the PCE-MSR 165.

The new Acceleration data logger (3 axis) PCE-MSR 165 from PCE Instruments UK is a universal, compact data logger which is designed for the measurement and storage of different physical measured values. Especially shocks, oscillations and vibrations can be reconstructed in retrospect. For example, it is possible to reconstruct the transport route of a package with fragile content. Thanks to the requesting measuring values, it is easy to say if package has been taken care of or not. The waterproof acceleration data logger can store up to 1600 measuring values per second in 3 dimensions. This makes it easier to claim compensation because a store for 2.000.000 measuring values is available. It is also possible to transfer data to a computer in the course of the measuring process. The new Acceleration data logger (3 axis) PCE-MSR 165 can always be calibrated to individual needs with the help of the software which is part of the delivery contents. The Data Loggers PCE-MSR 165 can also be equipped with optional accessory for temperature, relative humidity, light and absolute pressure. Thanks to the integrated clock, data of different acceleration sensors can be stored synchronously in one measuring data. Typical application areas are for example transportation, traffic, pharmacy, environment technology, chemistry, textile industry etc.
Due to the small dimensions and the weight, acceleration control can be done always and anywhere thanks to the help of the Acceleration data logger (3 axis) PCE-MSR 165.

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PCE Instruments is specialized on the corporate sales of high-performance and innovative products from the sectors of measurement-, control-, weighing-, and laboratory technology. The portfolio covers a broad, diversified range of products in these areas, not least with their very own product line-up PCE-series.
PCE Instruments is characterized by wide-reaching services. That enables PCE Instruments to be a professional partner for industry, trade and research. Founded in 1999 as a small engineering office in Germany, the company has now broadly expanded. Locations in Spain, Italy, England and Chile have been established. Due to investments in new offices-, manufacturing and storage areas, the operating area with new sectors of research and development and marketing have been expanded. From the small jewellery scale to a crane scale, from a small range finder to the infrared camera, from the calibrated anemometer up to the professional weather station; the online shop has everything. Our Technical staff will gladly help and offer free advice to customers. In the year of 2012, all locations were unified under the name of PCE HOLDING in order to be well prepared for future growth.

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