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Rumors of Colored Gemstones jewelry

Rumors of Colored Gemstones jewelry

The colored gemstones includes Morganite,Aquamarine,Sapphire,Ruby,Emerald,Jade etc. There are some sentences are taken by the jewelry lovers as „golden rule.“ However, those who listen to these words are often cheated. Today BBBGEM will give you some true advice.

Rumor one: Colored gemstones all diamonds, not afraid of being bumps.

Many people think that precious stones are very hard, not afraid of bumps.However,even diamonds,the hardness of 10 gems, will be broken! In addition, the opinion that with a toothbrush stained with toothpaste to brush jewelry can be clean is wrong.The toothpaste contained in high hardness grinding of particulate matter, in the process of brushing jewelry, those will hurt the surface of precious stones. Don“t clean your aquamarine rose gold engagement rings or other gemstone jewelry by toothpaste!

Rumor two, the best time to buy a jewelry is when it is on sale.

Do not be greedy on cheap. If you are a collector of precious gemstones or a jade quality jewelry lovers, when met with 90% off, 80%, „jump property prices“ and other gimmicks jewelry selling shops,quickly go. Those shops are either business to play the digital game, or sell the „baby“ are poor texture.

Rumor three, you can get the cheapest colored gemstones jewelry in the origin place of jewelry.

„Foreign moon is always the most round.“ Holding this kind of psychological, a lot of buyers like to buy gemstone jewelry as a foreign tourist, it is a big mistake! Regardless of the true or false jewelry, The Shop will ask you buy as many as you can but you don“t even know if the jewelry is real!

Do you know? Whether you are going to Xinjiang to buy Hetian jade, or go to Brazil to buy colored gemstones, or to Thailand to Buy Emerald, Russia to buy unique morganite engagement rings,Burma, India, Sri Lanka … … these popular countries who are selling foreign jewelry, it is not only necessarily cheap, but will be much higher. It is also in all likelihood that selling fake gems or bad gems. Don“t purchase the jewelry if you are not an expert!

There are other Rumors on buying colored gemstone jewelry. BBBGEM will give you opinions later.Or you can visit our store to get more information.

Every jewelry in BBBGEM is handmade by ourselves.Our teams include Jewelry designers from all over the world,CAD draftsmen,Jewelry makers,Photographers,Shipper,Custom Representives.
Our goal is to provide consumers with unique jewelry at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on our items being elegant and simple enough to wear everyday. We choose only the best diamonds and gemstones in order to provide our customers with top quality items. We whole heartedly believe that everyone should have the option to purchase a high fashion jewelry piece.

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