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Plunet offers new career opportunities for KTU students

Students at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) are now using Plunet BusinessManager for translation management projects during their degree course.

Plunet offers new career opportunities for KTU students

Plunet Academy – Kaunas University cooperates with Plunet

Thanks to the cooperation agreement between Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania and Plunet GmbH, students and graduates of the course Translation and localization of technical texts can now expand their knowledge in the field of translation management. With the help of Plunet, they will learn how to professionally implement project management tasks.

Project management skills are in high demand for translators
Plunet BusinessManager is the leading business and translation management software. From customer requests to quote, order, job, and invoice management and reporting, the whole workflow is covered in one solution. Add-ons for interpreting projects, quality management, and integrations with CAT and accounting tools ensure higher automation and, as a result, more efficient operations.
„The demand for project management skills in the translation market is currently very high. Technical knowledge alone is no longer enough – employees also need to be capable of efficiently implementing projects,“ emphasizes Jurgita Motiejnien, head of the Lithuanian HR department at the automotive supplier Continental.
During their studies, the students at KTU will learn the ins and outs of working with Plunet BusinessManager. Then they will be introduced to real translation and localization projects, which will prepare them for the requirements of the international job market.

Plunet Academy offers students valuable support for their professional future
„Plunet BusinessManager is a powerful system with a wide variety of settings and scaling options. We are very happy that the Plunet Academy is advising the members of the academic network on how to prepare and develop teaching content,“ says Dalia Venckien, who has been working as a lecturer at KTU for many years.
Some Lithuanian employers require that applicants already have some knowledge of Plunet. The KTU graduates will acquire valuable Plunet know-how during their degree course, which will equip them well for their professional future in the translation industry.
The Plunet Academy supports teaching and research in the field of translation project management at a number of selected universities. Besides KTU, other Academy partners include the KU Leuven (Belgium), the University of Geneva (Switzerland) and the Complutense University of Madrid (Spain). Further cooperations are currently being planned.

If you are interested in a university cooperation, please contact academy@plunet.com

With offices in Würzburg, Berlin and New York, Plunet GmbH develops and markets the business and translation management software „Plunet BusinessManager“, the leading management solution for the translation and localization industry.

Plunet BusinessManager provides a high degree of automation and flexibility for professional language service providers and translation departments. Using a web-based platform, Plunet integrates translation software, financial accounting, and quality management systems. Within a configurable system, various functions and extensions of Plunet

BusinessManager can be adapted to individual needs.
Basic functions include quote, order and invoice management, comprehensive financial reports, flexible job and translation workflow management as well as deadline, document and customer relationship management.

Plunet GmbH
Daniel Rejtö
Dresdener Straße 15
10999 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 3229713 40
Fax: marketing@plunet.com
E-Mail: Daniel.Rejtoe@plunet.com
Url: http://www.plunet.com

Plunet GmbH
Awazeh Khoshnam
Dresdener Straße 15
10999 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 3229713 40
Fax: marketing@plunet.com
E-Mail: awazeh.khoshnam@plunet.com
Url: http://www.plunet.com

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ARTS establishes cooperation with AirChem for the Middle East

ARTS establishes cooperation with AirChem for the Middle East


ARTS has been an established player in the European aerospace market since 2000 and has proved itself as a reliable service partner with its portfolio. The company is now further expanding its international business relations in the Middle East.

In the future, the focus will increasingly be on the Middle East – a fast growing and interesting market. Dubai and Abu Dhabi in particular offer numerous opportunities and decisive locational advantages such as customer proximity and an excellently developed infrastructure. These are decisive factors in order to be able to optimally support customers in their challenges. Initial talks with numerous companies and promising contacts were already established at the Dubai Airshow in November 2017.

The first positive result from the activities in the Middle East is the cooperation agreement concluded with AirChem Consumables (ACC) in July 2018.

Cooperation opens up new opportunities for ARTS and ACC

The ARTS portfolio includes aviation-specific MRO services, tool management services, integrated logistics services and industrial maintenance. In conjunction with the portfolio of AirChem Consumables, which supplies MROs and OEMs from the aerospace industry worldwide with paints, lubricants and hazardous substances, customers are assured a decisive lead in the market.

Confirmation of further investments and activities in the Middle East

Initial joint discussions with potential customers such as Emirates, Etihad Airways, Abu Dhabi Aviations, SATYS and Turbine Services & Solutions Aerospace took place in July 2018. They showed a clear interest in the cooperation with ARTS. Further talks will take place in October this year with the aim of establishing ARTS in the Middle East market together with its partner AirChem Consumables.

Complete Press Release

ARTS is an expert for Industrial Engineering, Technology Consulting and HR services. High-tech businesses across the globe improve their competitiveness thanks to our turnkey solutions, optimised processes and experienced specialists, helping them to achieve enduring success. At our five locations and over 25 project sites, more than 500 technical and business specialists work to turn our customers“ visions into reality. ARTS supports businesses in the automotive, railway, aerospace, engineering, and manufacturing sectors as well as the IT and communications technology, security and defence fields by providing them with expertise to give them a competitive edge, making them faster, quicker, and more capable.

ARTS Holding SE
Claudia Hönisch
Hermann-Reichelt-Str 3
01109 Dresden
Phone: +49351795808280
E-Mail: claudia.hoenisch@arts.aero
Url: http://www.arts.aero

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Press Release: New Work and the need for cooperation

Press Release: New Work and the need for cooperation

Connection of decentralized employees via digital collaboration platforms

As a result of New Work, decentralization, flexibility and digital information, virtual collaboration tools are considered irreplaceable.

Cooperation and increasing individualization

Employees increasingly want to decide individually about their work process and flexibly determine their working time and location. By taking these wishes into account, companies can win motivated, productive and loyal employees. Cooperation and efficiency must not be impaired. This can be achieved thanks to digital tools. Real-time communication and collaboration platforms create new forms of collaboration. „Building, maintaining and sharing knowledge is an important part of successful collaboration“, said Lars von Thienen, who has accepted this question with his tool, „To find digital information on a decentralized basis is a task of digitization and the changing cooperation. For example, the digital knowledge assistant „Noggle“ offers a way to answer this by presenting decentralized documents in a central search result and by cognitively sorting and linking knowledge. Finding knowledge and colleagues is achievable.“

Digitization of the working world

The digitization of the working world and processes is progressing. IT systems are getting better at analyzing information. Information is more and more digitally available and will remain structured over an extended period of time. In the medium term, all necessary documents will be available digitally and thus independent of the location. This is how digitization affects cooperation. An increasing flexibilisation, decentralization and de-marginalization of work are developing.

New Work – Cause and Goal

New Work, the profound change in the world of work, is at the same time both thinking and movement. Work-Life-Balance and Industrie 4.0 find their merger in this term. Knowledge growth, demographic change, digitalization and globalization have an impact on society and on companies and are the cause of the discussion about New Work.The goal is to change the design of work.

New Work is to be seen as a future of working and it has to be culturally and technically adapted for companies.

Noggle AG is a registered trademark. Patent is pending. Noggle is a knowledge assistant for Windows. Noggle unifies search results through desktop locations, network file servers, and cloud storage. By sharing libraries, the collaboration of several users is realized. An intelligent search shows content relevant documents.

Noggle AG
Lars von Thienen
Bredbeekskoppel 6
21266 Jesteburg
Phone: 017656218987
E-Mail: info@noggle.online
Url: http://www.noggle.online

Noggle AG
Melina Müller
Bahrenfelder Steindamm 55
22761 Hamburg
Phone: 017656218987
E-Mail: knowledgeassistant@gmail.com
Url: http://www.noggle.online

English Press Releases

VAG-Armaturen GmbH and RBS wave

the team for efficient online LeakMonitoring and the reduction of water losses!

VAG-Armaturen GmbH and RBS wave

Marcus Sander, CSO VAG-Armaturen GmbH, Erwin Kober, CTO RBS wave

On 10 October 2016, Marcus Sander, CSO of VAG-Armaturen GmbH, welcomed Erwin Kober, CTO of RBS wave, to VAG“s premises in Mannheim. The background of this meeting was the future partnership of the two companies, which aims at the efficient detection and reporting of water losses in drinking water networks. RBS wave, a subsidiary of EnBW, specialises in the optimum and fully automatic online monitoring of supply networks with innovative technology. The VAG-Group will include this system in the company“s product portfolio and make it available in numerous regions. With its many years of experience in the network management area, VAG is now offering an integrated overall concept including the sub-components of measurement technology, positioning of metering points, measuring data analysis and software-supported leak perimeter determination. On VAG“s side, the concept will be supported by the VAG Consulting Team which consists of experienced engineers and specialises in finding the best solutions for diverse projects and customer requirements and implementing them tailored to the customer“s needs.

VAG is a valve manufacturer offering solutions for water-related challenges. For the last 140 years, VAG has been offering high quality products and their maintenance in the water and wastewater sector. Constant innovation and improvement of products ensure up-to-date valves and accessories, suitable for all purposes.

VAG-Armaturen GmbH
Corinna Rist
Carl-Reuther-Str. 1
68305 Mannheim

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i3 Consult offers new One-Day Seminars

i3 Consult offers new One-Day Seminars

Ettlingen, May 8, 2013: i3 Consult (Germany) – the Specialist for Project- / Quality Management and Software Testing – offers Management Seminars and Workshops at both locations in Germany: Frankfurt and Karlsruhe/Ettlingen.

The content is geared to the target group management and entrepreneurs. Particularly, the content is tailored to put across all current and relevant information and decision criteria in a relatively short time – in the form of one-day seminars.

The speakers are expert consultants with in-depth professional experience in the relevant subject area. Tangible recommendations based on the experiences from the project practice are in the focus of these seminars.

The seminars are offered in May, June, September and October. Find more information about the i3 Consult seminars here: http://i3consult.biz/index.php?id=seminars&L=1

Press Release: http://i3consult.biz/index.php?id=pr12&L=1

Further information: http://i3consult.biz/index.php?id=home&L=1

i3 Consult represents an international group of consulting companies with offices in USA, Europe and Asia. The group advises large international companies and groups.

i3 Consult helps to improve efficiency, effectiveness and success of IT projects. Our best practices approach to onshore, nearshore or offshore test and quality management as well as project management generates lasting added value in development processes and product lifecycles within the field of software and IT.

Further Information: http://i3consult.biz

i3 Consult repräsentiert eine internationale Gruppe von Beratungsunternehmen mit Standorten in USA, Europa und Asien. Die Unternehmensgruppe berät große, internationale Unternehmen und Konzerne.

i3 Consult hilft Effektivität, Effizienz und Erfolg von IT Projekten zu erhöhen. Unser Best Practices Ansatz für Onshore, Nearshore, Offshore Test- und Qualitätsmanagement sowie Projektmanagement generiert nachhaltigen Mehrwert in Entwicklungsprozessen und Produkt Lebenszyklen im IT und Software Umfeld.

Weitere Informationen: http://i3consult.biz

i3 Consult (Deutschland)
Walter Derks
Pforzheimer Strasse 132
76275 Ettlingen

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Altitude Software wird Technologie-Ausstatter für Alcatel-Lucents Kundenservice-Lösungen der neuesten Generation

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise entscheidet sich für die Altitude uCI Interaction Manager Suite, um dynamische Unternehmen noch leistungsfähiger zu machen

Altitude Software wird Technologie-Ausstatter für Alcatel-Lucents Kundenservice-Lösungen der neuesten Generation

Eric Penisson, Alcatel-Lucent, und Gastão Taveira, Altitude Software

Lissabon (Portugal), 20. März 2013 – Altitude Software, ein weltweit führendes Unternehmen für Unified Customer Interaction Lösungen, gibt heute bekannt, dass es mit Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise eine Vereinbarung unterzeichnet hat, durch die Altitude Software der strategische Lieferant für die neueste Generation von Alcatel-Lucents Kundenservice-Lösungen im Unternehmensmarkt wird.

Die Altitude uCI™ (Unified Customer Interaction) Software Suite ermöglicht es Alcatel-Lucent, Unified Interaction Management-Lösungen anzubieten, die offen und leicht zu betreiben sind und die als Produkt oder als Service angeboten werden können. Diese neue Generation von Kundenservicelösungen wird durch ein vertriebsstarkes weltweites Netzwerk von über 2200 Geschäftspartnern angeboten, die derzeit mehr als 500.000 Kunden in 130 Ländern bedienen und diese unterstützen, ihre Kommunikationstechnik zeitgemäß zu halten.

Lösungen werden von 2200 Alcatel-Lucent Geschäftspartnern weltweit angeboten

„Durch diese weltweite strategische Zusammenarbeit mit Alcatel-Lucent können wir unsere Produkte breiter in den Markt tragen, sie wird unsere Verkäufe ankurbeln, unsere Marketingstrategie schlagkräftiger machen, unsere Marktpräsenz intensivieren und es uns erleichtern, Unternehmen zu unterstützen“, sagt Gastão Taveira, CEO von Altitude Software. „Altitude Software hat nachweislich tausenden von Contact Centern herausragende Geschäftsergebnisse ermöglicht, indem sie eine flexible Softwarelösung erhielten, um Agenten einheitliche Bildschirmdarstellungen bereitzustellen, einen echten Multimedia-Mix zu erreichen und Echtzeitanalysen zur Steuerung bereitzustellen.“

State-of-the-Art Technologie für dynamische Contact Center

„Die State-of-the-Art Technologie, Skalierbarkeit und Flexibilität der Altitude Software ist ein immenser Wertzuwachs für die nächste Generation von Software-Lösungen für den Kundenservice“, sagt Eric Penisson, Vice President und General Manager der Communications Business Division bei Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise. „Diese strategische Partnerschaft stärkt die Vision und Strategie von Alcatel-Lucent und bildet die Grundlage für die OpenTouch Customer Service Suite, so dass Kunden in durchgängig hoher Qualität und in höchstem Grade effizient mit einem Unternehmen kommunizieren können, ganz gleich, welchen Kanal, welches Medium oder welches Endgerät sie hierfür wählen.“

Die neue Altitude uCI 8 Lösung ist eine flexible, modulare Software-Suite, mit der sich sämtliche Kundeninteraktionen steuern lassen und die alle Kontaktwege für Kunden unter einer einheitlichen, standardbasierten und plattformunabhängig integrativen Oberfläche zusammen fasst. Mit 17 Niederlassungen auf vier Kontinenten und einem starken Partnernetzwerk macht Altitude Software bestehende Technologie-Investitionen leistungsfähiger, bietet hohen, nahtlos integrierten Zusatznutzen in einem weiten Feld von Anforderungen, und das bei sehr geringen Betriebskosten.

Alcatel-Lucent ist ein führender Innovator in den Geschäftsfeldern Netze und Kommunikationstechnik, Produkte und Dienstleistungen und ist seit vielen Jahren geschätzter Partner von Diensteanbietern, Unternehmen und Regierungen. Zu Alcatel-Lucent gehören die Bell Labs, eine der weltweit renommierten F&E-Einrichtungen. Die Bell Labs sind für technologische Neuerungen verantwortlich, die die Netz- und Kommunikationsbranche entscheidend geprägt haben.

Ende — Fließtext 405 Wörter / 3.393 Zeichenk inkl. Leerzeichen

Bildrechte: © Alcatel-Lucent / Altitude Software

Über Altitude Software
Altitude Software (www.altitude.com/de) ist Marktführer im Bereich Unified Customer Interaktion Lösungen. Gegründet 1993 in Europa, entwickelt und implementiert Altitude weltweit Technologie, mit der Contact Center flexibel und plattformunabhängig gesteuert werden können. Mit über 1100 Kunden in 80 Ländern strebt Altitude stetig nach höchster Kundenzufriedenheit. Unser weltweiter Kundenservice und -support ist nach ISO9001 und TSIA Level 2 zertifiziert. Altitude Software hat bereits mehr als 50 Auszeichnungen für seine Produkte gewonnen.
Altitude uCI™ (Unified Customer Interactions) ist eine offene Software-Suite für Aufgaben wie Kundenservice, Helpdesk, Inkasso, Telesales und Umfragen. Sie verwaltet hohe Volumina von Kundeninteraktionen in Echtzeit . Zur Suite gehören vielfältige Module von Unified Desktop über Routine, Dialer, Voice Portal, Monitoring und Reporting bis zu Schnittstellen- und Kommunikationsservern, die systemübergreifend mit einem einheitlichen Design-Studio gestaltet und gesteuert werden.
Die Altitude Software GmbH ist für Deutschland, Österreich und die Schweiz zuständig. Zu Ihren Kunden gehören der Call Center Betreiber Avocis, die Versicherung EulerHermes und die Banken Raiffeisen und Santander. Mit Altitude Software arbeiten auch Abteilungen der Europäischen Kommission und Unternehmen wie Maersk, Securitas Direct und Ikea.
Sie erreichen Altitude telefonisch unter +49 2102 420 669 oder senden Sie eine E-Mail an kontakt@altitude.com.

Altitude Software GmbH
Elina Svede
Kaiserswerther Str. 115
40880 Ratingen
+49 2102 420669

Thomas Semmler
Geibelstr. 4
30173 Hannover

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Chak Heavy and Mike Flache start collaboration

Bali’s surf professional Chak Heavy and designer Mike Flache will start
their cooperation as of 1 May 2012.

Bali / Stuttgart, 16 May 2012

Everything began with a spontaneous idea at the start of the year. Now the time has come. The Bali surfer Chak Heavy and the German designer Mike Flache will work together. The cooperation will start on 1 May.

Bali Surfers“ Style

Chak and Mike plan to release a series of eccentric surfboards over the course of the year. An accessories collection is to follow. The project is titled „Bali Surfers‘ Style“. The aim of the two partners is to express both the individual surfer culture and the culture of the country in a sporting and artistic way.

„The cooperation with Chak is something special for me. We share the same philosophy and regard surfing as a fascinating combination of freedom, sport and aesthetics. Together, we wish to share this unique attitude to life with sport enthusiasts around the globe,“ says Mike Flache.

The designer is famous for his varied designs in the lifestyle area. The German national has designed furniture, accessories, laptops and computer games, amongst other things. Mike often cooperates with sportsmen, musicians and companies for creative projects. Further information on the designs of Mike Flache can be found at: „>www.mike-flache.com

A life on the wave

Chak Heavy has been surfing for more than half his life. At the tender age of eight, he mastered his first big wave. Today, the 26-year-old is a member of the Heavy Dudes Team and is present at almost all important competitions. In the Volcom Stones Grillfish Surf Series he most recently came second.

Chak is not only active himself, but also committed to the grass roots. As an instructor of the Kamafari Surfcamp (),“>www.kamafari-surfcamp.com), he passes on his experience to surf enthusiasts from all around the world.

Mike Flache is a designer in the lifestyle area. He has been shaping the aesthetics of many products and brands around the globe for more than a decade. Furniture, accessories, laptops and computer games carry his distinctive signature, as do packaging items and corporate identities. He designs for medium-sized family-owned businesses and for leading branded companies.

Mike Flache. Studio Germany
Mike Flache
Waldburgstrasse 17/19
70563 Stuttgart
0180 355 181 659 5


Mike Flache
Mike Flache
Waldburgstrasse 17/19
70563 Stuttgart
0180 355 181 659 5

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INSYS aero and Röder Präzision Announce Cooperation on Unmanned Systems

Unmanned systems are preferably used in military, but also increasingly in civil areas. They assume surveillance and reconnaissance missions. Their strengths are based on cost reduction and safety aspects. They can operate in a large area and dangerous situations without having to accept cuts in personal safety. The deployment of unmanned systems makes great demands. They must perform high functionality with low weight and long operating times with high security demands. Sensor- and control-relevant data must be transmitted to remote ground controls over long distances, partly in large volumes and in real-time. Particularly these challenges are the areas of expertise of INSYS aero and Röder Präzision.

INSYS aero is specialist for development and production of fast, robust, and network-compatible telemetry solutions, as well as avionics, video, and sensor integration in unmanned systems. Data can be transmitted secure and fast via various transmission technologies, like microwave links, satcom systems, UMTS or WLAN for example. This makes it possible to realise several high-quality video streams in parallel for example. Röder Präzision is specialised on the development, the construction and the distribution of UAV platforms, especially with lightweight, heavy duty fibre composite structures. Moreover, both partners comply with the know-how for systems that can be approved according to aviation laws with their aviation certifications. The combination of these competencies provides an optimum starting basis for excellent unmanned systems in civil, governmental and military fields of application.

INSYS aero

Established in 1998, INSYS aero is a development service provider and manufacturer of avionics and software for the aerospace industry. The company is a sole source provider for international customers from the business and commercial aviation, defense, and unmanned aerial systems industries. The product portfolio includes technically and commercially mature products and solutions for data communication, connectivity, computer and converter systems, video/ISR technology, lighting technology and security systems. Thanks to a high value added share in the modular hardware and software components and extensive synergies with other INSYS divisions, customer-specific adaptations can be easily and cost-efficiently implemented. High quality standards make INSYS aero systems universally suitable for applications in aircraft and other fields with demanding quality requirements. The systems are fully certifiable according to the requirements of the aerospace industry. INSYS aero is a brand of the INSYS MICROELECTRONICS GmbH (www.insys-tec.de/eng).

Wolfgang Wanner
Waffnergasse 8
93047 Regensburg


Wolfgang Wanner
Waffnergasse 8
93047 Regensburg