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Product innovation: Poltava-Bischofite

Crystalline mineral concentrate as a bath additive with magnesium chloride, juniper oil, spruce oil and eucalyptus oil

Product innovation: Poltava-Bischofite


Bischofite is a rarely occurring mineral. It is composed as follows: MgCl2 – 6H2O and is therefore chemically a water-containing magnesium chloride.
There are only a few proven Bischofite discovery sites in the world. Even more rare are the „pure“ Bischofite existence with a mineral content of more than 93%. Among these rare occurrences is the mine near the town of Poltava in Ukraine. The occurrence in Poltava is with 2.5 km the deepest in the world and is therefore also the oldest. Probably this fact makes the Poltava-Bischofite particularly valuable and gives it distinct healing and health-promoting properties. The exploration of the Bischofite from the Poltava mine began in the nineties, shortly after the discovery of the mineral here.
During the years 1993-1996 in the Medical Academy of Dnepropetrovsk the effectiveness of the mineral was not only proved in the treatment of the movement apparatus. Its positive effect was also found in the cardiological diseases (coronary heart disease, hypertension, tachyarrhythmias). In addition, the antibacterial and immunostimulatory properties of the mineral have been proven.
Effective use of bischofite electrophoresis has been demonstrated in the treatment of bile tracts disorders in the Poltava Medical Institute (1998-2002) and in the rehabilitation of liquidators of the Chernobyl disaster (1996-2003).
The Research Institute for Hygiene and Medical Ecology in Kiev (2002-2004) confirmed the safety of the use of bischofite on humans.
Bischofite has already established itself very well in the treatment of diseases of the movement apparatus and the peripheral nervous system.
Waterbaths with the feeding of Bischofite are helpful with: arthrosis, arthritis, osteochondrosis, sequelae after injuries, contractures, neuroses, neuritis, lumbago (low back pain), neuralgia, sciatica, vegetative dystonia, metabolic disorder, worsening of general wellbeing, reduction of performance, stress, sleep disorder, complex health-promoting measures.
More information: https://sivash.de/en/Bischofite

Company ALNOVA imports and distributes natural wellness and health products in the EU based on the unique peloid from the salt lake Sivash. This is a salt-, magnesium- and sulphide-containing sea silt.
The peloid works very well with chronic diseases of the bones, joints and spine as well as with skin diseases such as psoriasis, neurodermatitis and acne. The sea silt is distributed under the name SIVASH-healing sea mud. In addition to the healing sea mud itself, there are a number of body care products on a healing sea mud basis. Besides, the special pink sea salt also belongs to the company’s product range. Both the sea silt and the salt are formed under the pink brine, which is rich in the microalgae Dunaliella Salina with high beta-carotene content. This fact makes the SIVASH-healing sea mud and sea salt particularly valuable and unique.

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