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Saving Time and Money with Modern Digitalisation and Archiving

Everything that can be digitalised is digitalised and safely archived with ecoDMS and ecoMAILZ software.

Saving Time and Money with Modern Digitalisation and Archiving

The document archive forms an important part of every company.

Aachen, February 2018. ecoDMS and ecoMAILZ from the Aachen IT manufacturer ecoDMS GmbH save businesses and private users alike a lot of time and money when digitalising, archiving and managing their documents, files and emails. The software products are particularly good value for money, quick to install, easy to use and they simplify the document workflow.

The document archive forms an important part of every company. Due to the increasing volume of files, the cost for archiving and storing all this data is also growing. Invoices, contracts, HR files, tax documents, documentation and much more needs to be quickly retrievable to ensure that the respective processes run smoothly. Digitalised documents make a major contribution to speeding up business processes. By employing such archiving systems, companies save important time and valuable money. With just a few clicks, users obtain a full overview of the archived and required files on their own monitor. Specifically, this means that digitalisation improves a company’s business processes through the use of modern document management solutions. This opens up large opportunities for companies and makes daily work more convenient in many ways.

For example, all incoming business emails can be automatically archived with ecoMAILZ. Afterwards, it is quicker and easier to access the archived emails via web browser on the computer, smart phone or tablet. ecoMAILZ can be accessed through various mail servers and groupware solutions. Among these are Microsoft Exchange Server, Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP), POP3 and the file system. This takes into account incoming and outgoing mailboxes, including all available attachments. The system automatically retrieves all emails for archiving, full-text indexes text, readable information and attachments, and saves the messages securely in containers in the email archive. Because ecoDMS automatically performs the archiving and full-text indexing processes in the background, employees do not need to think about how and where business emails are stored. Within seconds all required emails can be retrieved. In addition to the web client, plugins for all standard email clients form an integral part of the email archive. The affordable license price of 49 Euro per user makes the software affordable for everyone.

Of course the seamless, digital strategy also comprises the handling of all other digital and paper documents. In times of digitalisation, it is becoming ever more important to quickly and securely edit and distribute documents on all types of devices and platforms. The immediate access to business information and documents from any location is indispensable today.

ecoDMS Archive from ecoDMS is able to store all documents in a central, electronic document archive. The document management system is based on the latest technology and maps all processes in the best possible way. Already during the scanning process, the system interprets, full-text indexes and classifies the incoming information. The ecoDMS client retrieves data in a flash which can then be used immediately. Data which is already available in digital form on the computer can be transferred to the archive with just a few mouse clicks. This data is also full-text indexed in the background and archived through a classification template, without any further intervention by staff. In addition to the scanning and document archiving function, a PDF/A printer and plugins for Office applications and email clients form an integral part of the full version. The unique one-time purchase price of 69 Euro per simultaneous connection makes ecoDMS the best priced archiving solution on the market.

A plugin also enables the combination of both archiving solutions. This allows users to open emails that were archived in ecoMAILZ through the ecoDMS user interface. Retrieving the data is as easy as childsplay and very convenient thanks to intelligent search functions.

Both archiving systems are available for free download and testing at www.ecodms.de The full version can be purchased through the online shop on the website via electronic payment.

ecoDMS GmbH will be exhibiting at this year’s CEBIT 2018. Apart from the two archiving solutions, the applord Group, to which ecoDMS GmbH also belongs, will be presenting interesting solutions around digitalisation and archiving. From June 11 to 15, 2018, visitors to the exhibition can learn more about the archiving solutions at booth 015 D58.

ecoDMS GmbH, based in Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany), offers archiving software for private users, SMEs and large corporations. With a unique development and pricing model, ecoDMS GmbH stands out among the numerous competitors. The environmentally friendly use of a modern sales channel without requiring data carriers and postal delivery and no third-party licences enables sensationally fair prices. The price for the archiving system including full-text recognition and all plugins is unique.

The creation of ecoDMS began in 2004 with planning and implementing a software for digitally processing incoming emails for a large customer of applord GmbH. Based on the many years of experience in the field of document archiving and workflow, applord GmbH successfully implemented this project and developed the ecoDMS Server. This ecoDMS Server today forms the foundation of the ecoDMS archiving software.

The large interest in the software and a steadily growing customer base led to the foundation of ecoDMS GmbH. On 1 October 2014, managing directors Michael Schmitz and Helge Lühmann founded ecoDMS GmbH in Aachen as a new pillar of applord Holding Europe. All distribution rights of the „ecoDMS Archive“ software package were transferred from applord GmbH to ecoDMS GmbH. Already, the IT company has thousands of satisfied users all over Europe. More than half of those are business clients spanning all kinds of industries and company sizes.

Together with applord, appecon and applord Information Technologies, ecoDMS forms the strong service partnership of applord Holding Europe GmbH. The company locations in Germany and Austria operate across Europe. The applord group stands for state-of-the-art, sophisticated IT. applord group combines a broad product and services spectrum from the development of custom software solutions to standardised software applications and managing large IT projects.

ecoDMS sells its products through the internet. With just a few mouse-clicks, customers can purchase licences and support in the online shop. The software is immediately dispatched environmentally friendly via e-mail. Prior to purchasing, prospective users can always refer to the manufacturer’s website for detailed information. All sales, price and product information are downloadable. The manuals describe in detail the installation steps, settings and functions of the products. Moreover, there are free videos and a demo version.

ecoDMS GmbH
Andrea Warmuth
Salierallee 18a
52066 Aachen
Phone: 0049 241 47572 01
E-Mail: news@ecodms.de
Url: https://www.ecodms.de

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Mobile Archive and ECM Consolidation at DMS Expo

Mobile Archive and ECM Consolidation at DMS Expo

Herbert Lörch, CEO of SAPERION

At their booth (C41) in Hall 5 at the Bitkom ECM Solutions Park SAPERION AG will exhibit two new products in addition to its classic DMS and ECM solutions. „SAPERION file&share“ is an economical digital archive that allows small companies or independent professionals to store documents in the cloud over the long term and collaborate with others. The documents may be accessed over the Internet or through an app. SAPERION ECM Consolidation Services enables direct access to third-party archives for efficient consolidation of the archive landscape. Original files remain intact but the legacy archive software is no longer needed. Instead, users access the full functionality of SAPERION ECM Suite.

Berlin – For larger corporations, electronic archiving of inbound and outbound mail has become routine. But having the ability to archive and access documents with complete legal security is becoming increasingly important for smaller companies, freelancers, and independent professionals as well. „SAPERION file&share“ provides these capabilities without restrictions on time and location. This makes it the ideal way to obtain a contemporary revision-proof digital archive. All of the features of a modern archive system are included, such as individual folder and records structures, notes, keyword-based access to documents, sharing of documents, and the ability to jointly work on the same documents.

Companies that own legacy archives from OpenText/iXOS, IBM/FileNet, or Easy and wish to switch to a modern archive solution will be interested in „SAPERION ECM Consolidation Services“. According to Herbert Lörch, CEO of SAPERION: „We are giving companies the option to efficiently and economically consolidate their archive landscape, saving them tremendous amounts of money on operational and maintenance expenses.“ Compared to conventional migration projects, „SAPERION ECM Consolidation Services“ requires significantly less time because the documents are read directly from the existing data store. This is the only economically justifiable approach for converting large archives, often containing several million documents, to a new system. With this product, SAPERION is giving its customers a way to avoid being „locked in“. Initial installations at DAX-listed corporations are already using „SAPERION ECM Consolidation Services“ and are reducing operational and maintenance costs considerably.

Compliance requirements are upheld but the extensive documentation of conventional migrations is avoided. The risk of mistakenly deleting data or deleting it too early is eliminated and data is not duplicated. „SAPERION ECM Consolidation Services“ enables use of all functions in the SAPERION ECM Suite directly with the legacy data without changing the data itself.

In addition to „file&share“ and „Consolidation Services“ SAPERION will also exhibit classic records and business process solutions at DMS Expo, including accounts payable processing, HR and contract records, e-mail management and archiving solutions, and archiving of documents from Microsoft SharePoint and SAP.

Visitors to DMS Expo (9/24-9/26) can receive free entrance tickets at http://www.saperion.com/events/single-event/event/677/.

About SAPERION: SAPERION is a European manufacturer of high-performance Enterprise Content Management software for medium-sized firms and multinational corporations. As a long-term partner of major global players, SAPERION AG exhibits a straightforward approach to business, tremendous flexibility, and impressive reaction speed. SAPERION“s mission is to bring organizations, people, and processes together so they can react faster and reach better decisions in the dynamic markets of today. Approximately 2000 companies around the world and in virtually every industry use SAPERION to improve the quality of their products, increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and gain critical competitive advantages. SAPERION products target three core issues present at many corporations: process optimization, legal compliance and security, and integration of information. More information available at www.saperion.com

Saperion AG
Herbert Lörch
Steinplatz 2
10623 Berlin
+49 (0) 30 60061-0

TennCom AG
Dr. Kurt Christian Tennstädt
Hohentwielstr. 4a
78315 Radolfzell
07732 – 95 39 30