STÜKEN invests in further growth

STÜKEN invests in further growth

Deep-drawing specialist STÜKEN invests a double-digit million euro amount in the future viability of its Rinteln site. The headquarters of the global player will be expanded, restructured and modernized.

The extensive project comprises of several steps. The construction of a new logistics building represents the „biggest chunk“. CEO Hubert Schmidt describes the goals and the scope of the project: „We invest in the future viability of the Rinteln site. The new building will cover a usable area of 5,000 square meters. This creates space for further growth in production. At the same time, we will comprehensively restructure our production and internal logistics processes.“ A specifically established planning team has thoroughly thought through the future plant structure. Uwe Krismann, Managing Director, explains the ambitious project: „An automated storage system with initially 36,000 slots forms the logistical heart of the plant. It ensures that the right goods and semi-finished products are available in the right place, at the right time, and in the right quantity. Automated transport systems convey the goods to the next process step. This allows a linear, narrow material flow with high space utilization. STÜKEN applies the same philosophy as in the most modern plant of the group in the industrial area of Rinteln-South. Based on the principles of Industry 4.0, we will continue to systematically develop our STÜKEN production system.“ Hubert Schmidt: „For buildings, warehousing technology and transport systems, we will invest an amount in the double-digit million euro range.“

The goal of the entire project is the improvement of logistics processes. The distances that the material travels from raw material to finished part are shortened considerably. Hubert Schmidt explains the reasons for some of the measures: „Our customers are becoming more and more demanding. They expect a high degree of cleanliness in production. We will not only meet this requirement but also fulfill the desire for excellent quality, short delivery times and high flexibility.“

Founded in 1931, STÜKEN today is considered the world´s leading supplier of precision deep-drawn parts made of metal. Stampings and injection-molded parts as well as complex assemblies complete the range and guarantee customers finished products of highest quality. The products can be found in countless applications from domestic appliances and fittings to computers, mobile phones, insulin pens and automobiles. The family-owned company is headquartered in the German city of Rinteln on the river Weser and employs around 1.250 staff. Subsidiaries are located in the United States, the Czech Republic and the People´s Republic of China. In 2017, the STÜKEN group achieved sales of 187 million euros.

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