Powerz products are the fabric expansion joints

Powerz products are the fabric expansion joints

Fabric Expansion Joints Powerz

To make their proper fabric expansion joints, Powerz complies with a number of requirements: custom design for each type of expansion joint performed by qualified staff, using high quality materials, implementing advanced techniques, arranging fabrication at its in-house facilities equipped with the state-of-the-art machinery.

No trifles can be neglected during the manufacture of fabric expansion joints. Having an extensive work expertise, the Powerz experts complete projects within timeframes agreed with the customers while meeting all the requirements of international standards. Performance of each stage, from a customer request placed to the supervision of the fabric expansion joint installation, is optimized in the company to a minute detail. Therefore, having business relations with Powerz is a convenient and profitable experience. Our fabric expansion joints are durable, efficient and reliable.

The thing that deserves emphasizing is implementation of advanced materials for fabrication of the Powerz expansion joints. Only the properly selected high-quality materials can ensure a reliable operation of the items we produce. Currently, the Powerz company is using heat-insulating and gas-tight materials. Ceramic fiber makes the basis for the heat-insulating material. Premium quality of these materials allows an adequate operation of the Powerz fabric expansion joints at high temperatures of up to +1100 °C as well as at lower temperature ranges reaching -40 °C. When designing an expansion joint which is intended, for example, for high temperature duty, our experts start with selection of about 12 types of materials. Their choice is determined by the location of installation and the temperature of the handled fluid. Only the properly selected high-quality materials for an expansion joint make it possible to achieve high balancing and damping ability, lower rigidity and light weight of our items.

For many years of our company in the industry, quite a few energy providers and utilities companies have acknowledged the efficiency and durability of our fabric expansion joints. Nowadays Powerz keeps treading its planned path aimed at bringing the advanced technologies into the process of fabricating the compensatory equipment, thus ensuring the company“s leading position in designing and manufacture of fabric expansion joints in the energy market of Europe.
The proper fabric expansion joints are the ones designed and made by Powerz.

Powerz is an innovative company, leader in engineering questions and production of expansion joints, hoses and thermal insulation jackets.
Our production process is based on the world’s best technologies and meets the most stringent quality standards.
Our mission consists in a constantly progressive technological development that contributes to the solution of complex tasks. Continuous training and experience with our partners enhance the capability of our company in his role as a technical specialist.
The qualified and experienced staff Powerz is ready to conduct individual discussions prior to the planning stage in the context of a multidisciplinary process to create tailor-made offer for you and to guide the production process carefully. Individual project at short time, technical personnel and high-quality products at fair prices contribute that is considered Powerz Contact number one worldwide in matters of production of high-quality expansion joints, metal hoses and thermal insulation jackets.

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