Groupanalycis of Triplettsequences

Since its detection, the HIV viral disease (AIDS) is causally resistant to anytherapy.A cure seems to be possible at symmtomatical level, as it is with other viral diseases. Hence in an essay does examine the underlying structure of the HIV virus RNA sequence using the model of Cohorts of Barcelona, and will provide the finding that, in priciple, base pair tripletts may be considered as spatial linguistic entities or conditions, similar to the Kleinian group in mathematics, and therefore a RNA/DNA.thread in this way basically depicts a conglomerate of symmetries (conditions). This uncloses a new theoretical basis of a syntactically symmertric interpretaton as well as an etiological therapy for instance a structurally inverted construct used as antiviral genetic structure.

Labor Dr .Hübers in Havixbeck NRW

Labor Dr.Hübers
Reinhard Dr.Hübers
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