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3tn and GIPA under one roof

Warehouse and transport management in the metals industry: 3tn adds crane automation to product portfolio

3tn and GIPA under one roof

Harmonization between 3tn’s TWMS/metals warehouse management systems and the underlying basic

3tn, providers of the TWMS/metals warehouse management system, have taken over GIPA – Gesellschaft für Industrie- und Prozessautomation mbH. As from May 29, 2017, GIPA has been operating as a subsidiary of 3tn. With this transaction, the two companies have consolidated their long-standing partnership. Now they can offer efficient warehouse management solutions for the metals industry from a single source.

3tn and GIPA can look back on 18 years of successful cooperation. Numerous 3tn TWMS/metals projects in the steel industry implemented with crane automation systems from GIPA at any automation level testify to the long-standing partnership between the two companies.

On May 29, 3tn acquired all of the assets of GIPA mbH in order to further foster the successful relationship and be able in the future to offer innovative warehouse management systems complete with perfectly tailored automation solutions. GIPA will offer the same product and service portfolio as before and continue to serve customers separate from 3tn, for example as supplier of crane equipment for in the environment of nuclear power generation.

Thorsten Tönjes and Thomas Niepmann, the founders and managing directors of 3tn, will also be managing directors of GIPA. They will be supported by Wolfgang Hagedorn, who will continue to act as GIPA managing director and provide his technological know-how in order to ensure maximum continuity of business.

3tn customers will benefit from the new situation in various ways: TWMS/metals systems and the underlying basic automation will be even better harmonized, resulting in smoother interfaces, easier coordination during the project phase and a shorter supply chain.

Thorsten Tönjes sees great potential for both companies: „For our joint customers, this means that hardware and software will come from the same source. With both companies operating under the same roof, it will be easier for us to offer innovative and cost-efficient solutions and to join forces to bring forward developments in the field of intralogistics in the metals industry.“

As in the past, the customers may choose between buying 3tn warehouse management systems complete with all associated automation or sourcing the automation systems from a third party.

About GIPA

GIPA – Gesellschaft für Industrie- und Prozessautomation mbH, founded in 1996, specializes in engineering and software solutions for electrical and automation systems in industrial plants.

A main business activity is the development of software solutions and the supply of functional units for cranes used in production processes, for example in the metals industry, in shipyards or in the environment of nuclear power generation. Functionalities implemented in the systems include tracking of the crane positions and the associated sensor equipment, data transfer into warehouse management systems, visualization at all levels of automation and fully automatic, driver-less crane operation.

The service offer covers all project stages from consulting, planning, software development and supply of the control cabinets to after-sales and maintenance services.

About 3tn

Thomas Niepmann and Thorsten Tönjes founded 3tn in 1999, after working together for several years on warehouse management projects in the metals industry.

Their business plan was to develop customized warehouse optimization software, specifically tailored to the requirements of the metals industry. This philosophy has been consistently followed ever since.

The 3tn team consists of software developers, computer scientists, electrical technicians and engineers. They bring expertise in all stages of a project: analyses and feasibility studies, software development, project management, commissioning, and user training. Experienced technicians ensure comprehensive after-sales support and 24/7 service.

3tn Industriesoftware GmbH
Thorsten Tönjes
Gottlieb-Daimler-Straße 17
59439 Holzwickede/Germany

VIP Kommunikation
Regina Reinhardt
Dennewartstraße 25-27
52068 Aachen / Germany

Politics Law Society

Occupational rehabilitation management program and dismissal due to illness

Occupational rehabilitation management program and dismissal due to illness

Occupational rehabilitation management program and dismissal due to illness

In the case of sick employees, employers ought to closely explore the possibility of an occupational rehabilitation management program. Otherwise, dismissal due to illness may be invalid.

Employers are obliged to offer employees who are continuously or repeatedly sick for a period of six weeks within the space of a year what is referred to as a „betriebliches Eingliederungsmanagement“ (BEM) [occupational rehabilitation management program]. We at the law firm GRP Rainer Rechtsanwälte note that the employer is supposed to look into how the employee“s unfitness for work can be overcome or how to prevent him from becoming incapable of working again. If the employer considers a BEM to be pointless, it must be able to justify this in detail before issuing notice of dismissal due to illness. Otherwise, as is clear from a judgment of the Landesarbeitsgericht (LAG) Rheinland-Pfalz [Regional Labour Court of Rhineland-Palatinate] from January 10, 2017, the dismissal may be invalid (Az.: 8 Sa 359/16).

In the case in question, the employee had worked at the company for many years as a machine operator. Over several consecutive years, the employee was absent from work for several weeks due to illness. The employer subsequently had a discussion with the employee in advance of the occupational rehabilitation management program. According to the company, the employee stated during the discussion that his illnesses had been „fateful“ and there was nothing the employer could do to prevent his unfitness for work. After the employee later fell ill and became unfit for work once again, the employer issued notice of dismissal due to illness, which the employee then resisted. It was argued that there had been no social justification for the dismissal. Moreover, the employer ought to have carried out a BEM before issuing notice of dismissal.

The LAG Rheinland-Pfalz granted the action for wrongful dismissal, ruling that the dismissal had not be socially justified and was therefore invalid. The Court went on to say that dismissal due to illness is socially justified if there is a negative prognosis in relation to the probable duration of the period of unfitness for work and this results in a significant detrimental effect to the company“s interests that places a burden on the employer which is no longer tolerable. The Court held that the employer had not sufficiently demonstrated that this was the case, pointing out that the latter had failed to carry out a BEM as required by law and yet also failed to sufficiently make the case for there having been no other possible milder measures than dismissal. The LAG concluded that this rendered the dismissal disproportionate. If the employer considered the BEM to be pointless, it needed to explain why more recent illnesses could not have been prevented by this.

Employers can turn to lawyers who are versed in the field of employment law for advice on all legal issues pertaining to the workplace.

GRP Rainer LLP is an international firm of lawyers and tax advisors who are specialists in commercial law. The firm counsels commercial and industrial companies and corporations, as well as associations, small- and mid-sized businesses, self-employed freelancers and private individuals worldwide from offices Cologne, Berlin, Bonn, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart and London UK.

GRP Rainer LLP
Michael Rainer
Augustinerstraße 10
50667 Cologne
+49 221-27 22 75-0
+49 221-27 22 75-24

Science Research Technology

Strategic cooperation between Georg and Güdel Group

Transformer core production on the way to industry 4.0 / IoT

Strategic cooperation between Georg and Güdel Group

The development of an offline e-stacking solution for automatic stacking of transformer cores.

Heinrich Georg Maschinenfabrik and Güdel Group AG concluded a cooperation agreement for the collaborative development of lines for the automatic stacking of transformer cores. GEORG brings in their know-how in the plant engineering field, Güdel the robot technique for the automatic stacking of the laminations. That way, systems are constructed in the future that speed up the production of transformers, reduce manual time and enable a higher production flexibility. Furthermore, the intensive data transfer prepares the ground for industry 4.0 / IoT.

GEORG is leading in the manufacture of production lines for the transformer industry and already has own automation solutions. However, for the manufacture of power and big distribution transformers of up to several hundred tons, many GEORG customer often still stack the individual laminations for the transformer cores manually which is very time consuming. The potential of modern handling systems and the networking of data often remains unused so far. Especially for offline systems, there are only few highly automated systems.

On the basis of their gantry robot, Güdel has already developed an automatic core stacking system for transformers in the 50 kg to 350 tons weight range which was put into operation at a leading European transformer manufacturer. The in-house manufactured gantry robots do not require any external centering units thanks to their high positioning accuracy and repeatability and thus reach significantly lower production times.

With their leading technologies, Güdel Group realises solutions for motion tasks in the individual automation. Martin Sträb, CEO of Güdel Group, emphasises „we will be able to work out even better automation solutions for the transformer industry together with our partner GEORG. The efficiency will be increased further and thereby also the satisfaction of our customers. I look forward to our collaborative work“.

GEORG brings in profound knowledge of the entire line technique in the transformer industry – from the decoiling of the strip from the coil over the cutting-to-length of the strip to the cutting of the laminations and the stacking of the cores. Güdel contributes the robot handling systems and the networking of the individual components among each other.

As there are several GEORG customers who cut ahead and stock laminations which they want to stack to a core with an offline system at a later stage, the focus for the first common projects will be the development of an offline system for the automatic stacking of transformer cores.

The laminations cut by the GEORG line and interim stored are picked up and stacked fully automatically by the Güdel robots. For the positioning, the robots achieve highest accuracies and beyond that accelerate the core stacking process significantly. The direct data transfer from the cutting line to the robot unit makes time-consuming manual processes redundant. By this data coupling, the new systems can be easily integrated into digitally networked environments and thus prepare the ground for industry 4.0 / IoT.

Bernd Peter Schmidt, Managing Director of the transformer business division at GEORG sees considerable benefits for his customers: „By the cooperation of our two companies – who both have an outstanding reputation in their respective field – we will deliver complete systems that make the stacking of the laminations much more effective. We make use of the vast experience and well-proven standard components of Güdel. This means for our customers: innovative and at the same time reliable technology with considerable cost advantages.“

Rocco Montalenti, General Manager Business Unit Technologies at Güdel relies on the market knowledge of GEORG: „For more than 30 years, GEORG manufactures transformer lines and has an impressive market share worldwide. The GEORG employees know the conditions in the transformer industry inside out. By this, we are able to elaborate single-source solutions together that are exactly adapted to the requirements of our common customers.“

The cooperation is in accordance with the philosophy of both companies to offer optimal solutions for smooth transformer production processes.

About Georg

For high-tech solutions in plant engineering Georg is worldwide a renown partner. The advanced finishing lines and special purpose machine tools as well as production lines and units for the transformer industry are internationally in operation at well known companies. With its different product areas the family company, in its third generation with 450 employees, serves various markets and customers worldwide. Georg is organized in divisions with three individually operative business units working on the market as profitcenters.

The business divisions Georg finishing lines, Georg transformer lines and Georg machine tools are supported by an own manufacturing division at the company headquarter in Kreuztal / Germany (NRW). In addition a number of central functions are grouped in the division Georg corporate services. Internationally the company is close to its customers with a worldwide sales- and service network.

Georg transformer lines

As technology and world market leader Georg engineers with creative step ahead in technology efficient and advanced machinery, lines and units for transformer production. More than 900 lines supplied worldwide to well known transformer manufacturers underline the trust in leading Georg technology.

For further information, please visit:

Güdel Group AG

Güdel Group is manufacturer of high-precision machine components and supplier of intelligent automation solutions. The product range comprises linear guideways, racks, pinions and gears as well as linear and rotary axes and gantry robots. Güdel puts the products together to achieve systems with special control intelligence and complete lines which are used in the sectors automotive, tyres, metal, rail, intra logistics, pharmacy, renewable energies, wood and aerospace.

The Güdel technology stands out by innovation, quality and modularity. Güdel Group employs around 1.200 people at more than 30 locations worldwide. Since the foundation over 60 years ago, the group is family owned.
Güdel Group headquarters is in Switzerland.

Heinrich Georg GmbH Maschinenfabrik
Thomas Kleb
Langenauer Straße 12
57223 Kreuztal / Germany

Regina Reinhardt
Dennewartstraße 25-27
52068 Aachen / Germany

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Home shopping selling excellently in Europe.

Brand new ERA Europe Multi-Channel Home Shopping industry report published

Home shopping selling excellently in Europe.

© Goldmedia 2017, Home shopping in Europe, Revenues and forecasts 2016 -2022

Berlin, Brussels, June 21st, 2017. Home shopping is a market with stable growth throughout Europe. Providers of live TV shopping, direct response TV (DRTV) and auction TV have responded well to the challenges of digitisation and have developed into modern multi-channel providers. While selling products on TV used to be the core business of home shopping for many years, the Internet has now become an increasingly important sales channel. Today, 23 percent of home shopping customers say they have been enticed by social media when they buy products. New technologies such as smart devices and virtual reality are expected to increasingly influence the market in the future. 78 percent of home shopping users are interested in product presentation supported by VR technology.

These are results of the study „The Multi-Channel Home Shopping Industry in Europe. Market Overview, Key Trends and Forecasts to 2022“, conducted by the consulting and research group Goldmedia ( on behalf of the European Retailing Association (ERA Europe The industry report covers the home shopping business in ten European countries (Austria, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and the UK). The study includes a comprehensive survey of 1,777 home shopping users throughout Europe.

The study was presented and published today at the ERA Europe Electronic Home Shopping Conference in Venice.

Dr. Julian Oberndörfer, CEO ERA Europe says, „Not only does the Home Shopping industry continue to be sustainable and profitable, but this study proves it has the business model, expertise and customers to be more than fit for the digital multichannel media business as well as being a real growth market for the future.“

+ Market: One-third more revenues in 2022

++ Home shopping revenues in Europe are forecast to grow by 34 percent from 4.8 Bn. Euros in 2016 to 6.4 Bn. Euros in 2022. This forecast includes revenue figures for the ten countries examined. This corresponds to a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.9 per cent.
++ The biggest home shopping markets, such as the UK and Germany, still show notably positive growth rates of around two to four per cent per year, while evolving markets like Russia are expected to show impressive double-digit growth rates over the next years.
++ Average home shopping sales per inhabitant in 2016 stood at 9.2 Euros with Germany being the leading country with about 23.4 Euros per capita, followed by the UK.
++ Altogether, about 15,000 people were employed in the home shopping business in the main European countries at the end of 2016, including also indirect employees such as call centre staff.

+ Operators and Channels: From TV shopping to multi-channel home shopping

Today, home shopping operators market their products not only on TV, but also in retail stores, catalogues and customer magazines, websites, social media platforms, mobile and smart TV apps and many more sales channels. This change to multi-channel home shopping is a challenge as well as a great opportunity for the home shopping industry.

The importance of the various channels varies from operator to operator. While phone calls are still the main method of ordering products for customers of the big live shopping operators, for many other multi-channel operators, DRTV shows and infomercials work mainly as marketing platforms for their in-store retail sales. The main change for the future is the rising importance of electronic sales channels. E-commerce and mobile commerce have gained more and more market share and this shift is expected to continue as further sales channels such as social media platforms and smart devices will grow the existing portfolio.

The share of online sales is expected to increase to more than half (55 percent) of all net sales in 2022. Orders via mobile devices (34 percent) will then become the most important way of ordering products, while the importance of TV and orders via call centres will significantly decrease. Moreover, the volume of retail sales will increase. This change is initially an opportunity for the home shopping industry. (see chart 2)

+ Usage: Social media is becoming increasingly important for product purchases

With home shopping becoming a more and more electronic and digital business, operators have to face many new competitors, not only the big players of e-commerce but also myriads of specialised webshops. Moreover, more and more e-commerce retailers integrate videos and home shopping elements on their websites, and thus operators have new competition to their core business. Consequently, it is becoming increasingly important to know the needs of the customer and what more they expect from a home shopping company versus an online shop.

According to the study’s user survey, it is clear that home shopping“s main qualities are to be entertaining, sympathetic, informative, enriching, inspiring and personal.

Extremely high potential for home shopping companies to bind customers seems to lie in social media presence. For the personal advice and entertaining presentation of products in a cosy, home-like setting for which home shopping is known, „becoming friends“ and interacting on social media is considered to be the logical next step. 84 percent of the providers surveyed in this report, already run social media activities.

An average 23 percent of the home shopping customers surveyed in Goldmedia“s European study stated that they have already been enticed by social media to purchase a product via home shopping. Once engaged, they are very likely to stay. Facebook is the most commonly used social network for home shopping users, followed by YouTube.

Interestingly enough, the vast majority of those users who once interacted with home shopping via social media continues to do so. For any platform, more than three quarters of the users stated that they visit the social media sites of home shopping providers at minimum weekly.

+ Trends: Home shopping users are open for new technological trends, among them Virtual Reality

Home shopping operators do well to adjust to the technological changes: according to the study’s survey, users throughout Europe are very interested in new trends. 87 percent want to receive offers via mobile devices and 84 percent product want information via Smart TV. 78 percent of the users asked find ordering on smart devices via voice command interesting.

Goldmedia“s online survey shows that European home shopping customers seem to expect that virtual reality could reasonably enhance their shopping experience and 78 percent of the respondents stated that they are interested or very interested in product presentation supported by VR technology.

Study: The Multichannel Home Shopping Industry in Europe. Market Overview, Key Trends and Forecasts to 2022
The industry report covers the home shopping business in ten European countries, in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and the UK: Operators, market structure, revenues, challenges, future trends as well as forecasts till 2022 for the market in general and for each country. The home shopping landscape covered in this report is vast and diverse. The common denominator for the multichannel home industry is, that all operators present products on TV for direct sales as a major part of their business.

The data in this report was collected in collaboration with ERA Europe using a comprehensive online questionnaire sent to all home shopping operators in the analysed markets. In addition, in-depth desk research was conducted as well as telephone interviews with market players and experts in the researched country markets.

Part of the study is a comprehensive survey among 1,777 home shopping users in five European countries (France, Germany, Italy, UK, Russia). The study was conducted between March and June 2017.

Press Contact:
ERA Europe: Amanda Justice | | Tel.: + 49-8151-55 66 480
Goldmedia: Dr. Katrin Penzel | | Tel: +49-30-246 266-0

ERA Europe
The Electronic Retailing Association Europe (ERA Europe) is the Association for the Multi-Channel Home Shopping Industry. ERA Europe is the voice and network for businesses that offer innovative products to consumers through audio visual presentation, the internet and other electronic media, according to a recognised code of ethics. ERA Europe advocates and supports the interests of our members and their customers in Europe and the Middle East. Currently ERA Europe represents the interests of 70 European and Middle Eastern members. Please refer to: for further information.

Goldmedia is a consultation and research group with a focus on media, entertainment and telecommunication and sports business. Since 1998, the group has supported national and international clients in all questions pertaining to the digital revolution. The range of services includes consulting and research, along with consulting on human resources and politics. The headquarters are in Berlin and Munich. More information:

Goldmedia is a consultation and research group with a focus on media, entertainment and telecommunication and sports business. Since 1998, the group has supported national and international clients in all questions pertaining to the digital revolution. The range of services includes consulting and research, along with consulting on human resources and politics. The headquarters are in Berlin and Munich. More information:

Goldmedia GmbH
Dr. Katrin Penzel
Oranienburger Str. 27
10117 Berlin
+49-30-246 266-0
+49-30-246 266-66

Goldmedia GmbH
Dr. Katrin Penzel
Oranienburger Str. 27
10117 Berlin
+49-30-246 266-0

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BAG: Dismissal with the option of altered conditions of employment needs to be sufficiently precise

BAG: Dismissal with the option of altered conditions of employment needs to be sufficiently precise

BAG: Dismissal with the option of altered conditions of employment needs to be sufficiently precise

In the case of dismissal with the option of altered conditions of employment, the offer to continue the employment relationship needs to clearly define the new terms. That was the verdict of the Bundesarbeitsgericht (BAG), Germany“s Federal Labour Court (Az.: 2 AZR 68/16).

Dismissal with the option of altered conditions of employment entails the existing employment relationship coming to an end. At the same time, the employer offers to continue the employment relationship on the basis of revised terms. We at the law firm GRP Rainer Rechtsanwälte note that these terms must be clearly defined such that the employee is able to quickly and readily decide whether to accept the offer. This was confirmed by the BAG in its ruling of January 26, 2017.

In the case in question, an employee had suffered serious injuries in the course of an accident. Following a work assessment, the employer came to the conclusion that the employee was no longer able to complete the tasks he had hitherto performed, including programming software. The employee subsequently received an offer to continue the employment relationship under different terms in the form of dismissal with the option of altered conditions of employment. Going forward, the employee was to assume responsibility for carrying out predominantly warehouse tasks or courier services as well as earn significantly less. The employee accepted the offer with reservations while lodging a timely legal action.

Despite being rejected by the courts of lower instance, the action was successful before the BAG. The BAG held that the ruling of the Landesarbeitsgericht (Regional Labour Court) was flawed in many respects. The BAG stated that it had assumed that the plaintiff was permanently incapable of performing his work as agreed and laid out in the employment contract. It went on to say, however, that it had only been established that he was no longer able to carry out the programming work, which only represented part of the agreed range of services. The Court ruled that a comparison could not be made between this and being permanently unfit to work, which would make it impossible for the employee to perform any of the work agreed and stipulated in his employment contract.

Furthermore, it was said that the new contractual offer was not sufficiently specific such that the employee would have been able to accept it without further ado. The Court argued that he had not been able to identify with sufficient reliability the work he would have to perform in future. The BAG also noted that the new offer came with a salary that was clearly too low in light of the work he had previously done.

In cases involving dismissal with the option of altered conditions of employment, one should always consider whether the employee is able to perform any of the work he had previously carried out as well as whether the new contractual offer clearly defines the work that is to be performed going forward. Lawyers who are experienced in the field of employment law can advise employers.

GRP Rainer LLP is an international firm of lawyers and tax advisors who are specialists in commercial law. The firm counsels commercial and industrial companies and corporations, as well as associations, small- and mid-sized businesses, self-employed freelancers and private individuals worldwide from offices Cologne, Berlin, Bonn, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart and London UK.

GRP Rainer LLP
Michael Rainer
Augustinerstraße 10
50667 Cologne
+49 221-27 22 75-0
+49 221-27 22 75-24

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Sparks flying at iaf – New ROBEL machines at work

Sparks flying at iaf - New ROBEL machines at work

iaf 2017

– Virtual ROBELity: the digital work site acts as a magnet for visitors.
– A perfect 10 for the polished face: ROBEL displays hybrid grinding machines
– 360 degree service: ROBEL extends its service portfolio

Digital means that the work site comes to the railway engineer

The rail calls the maintenance company when irregularities occur. What may sound like science fiction
was experienced by visitors to the exhibition in Münster as a prototype in action: The 68.05i IMS
Intelligent Monitoring System monitors the fishplates round the clock and sends a message direct to
the mobile phone of the person responsible for the installation if there are movements of the fishplates
or the speed is exceeded. Patrolling is no longer necessary, corrections are made early and the line
remains open at all times.
A new way of access in the truest sense of the word opened to trade visitors with the MMS Mobile
Maintenance System: „Virtual ROBELity“ makes it possible to visit a work site without the associated
logistic challenges, non-productive time and uncertain weather conditions. Using VR (virtual reality)
glasses, visitors to the iaf were able to follow maintenance tasks on a British MMS, such as replacement
of closure rails, ballast bed rehabilitation and reinstatement of the track geometry.
For ROBEL Managing Director Wolfgang R. Fally, this is the next logical step in strengthening the
company“s customer focus: „All of us have travelled to a work site in the dead of night which then was
postponed at short notice. Using the ROBEL VR glasses, the customer can see the work of interest
under real conditions in the comfort of his office. Currently, there is no site visit that“s more efficient.“

ROBEL is grinding smartly

Who says that precise grinding means heavy work? At the iaf, ROBEL presented grinding machine
prototypes which are only half the weight and can be operated with minimum effort and time due to
their design and new drive solutions.
The 13.49 HSK Hybrid Rail Head Profile Grinding Machine and the 13.63 HWS Hybrid Switch Grinding
Machine work with brushless electric motors which sit directly on the cup wheel and are driven by a
separate mobile Power Pack. Due to the compact design, the grinding machine itself weighs barely
50 kilograms. Furthermore, this solution eliminates wear parts such as toothed belts, gears and ball
bearings and provides a better view of the grinding spot. A newly developed cooling system passes air
downwards over the grindstone, with any sparks moving towards the ballast bed almost without any
The idea for the KERS drive technology comes from Formula 1 – the ROBEL Supercap stores
the excess energy from the idling grindstone and releases it during grinding for more power.
A smaller mass to be moved, less vibration, a precise grinding surface and one positive side
effect: the constant speed of the Supercap encourages the self-cleaning of the grindstone;
the normally high wear from clogging is noticeably reduced.
The 13.63 HWS is a switch grinding and reprofiling machine with the advantages of hybrid and
KERS technology. Two machines in one means less space and time is required. The changeover
from cup wheel to grinding disc takes less than five minutes. The third component of the ROBEL
grinding task force is the universal 13.45 SKS Rail Head Grinding Machine for rail heads and
switches. The appropriate guide system is fitted direct on site in next to no time; the operator
adjusts the continuously variable spindle feed as required for an optimum grinding result.
The tilt handles are also user-friendly and are available in a right-hand or left-hand version
according to personal preference.

ROBEL Centre of Competence for 360 degree service

In addition to the performance of a new product, a measure of its value is also its service
life and its consistent readiness for use. ROBEL is continuously extending its maintenance
offering with certifications based on the strict European standards to achieve international
service competence so that your investments remain reliably available.
The SNCF approval for the reconditioning and production of wheelsets for French auxiliary
vehicles which was recently obtained supplements existing approvals such as the
Manufacturer-related Product Qualification (HPQ) of DB, the RISAS-RAL UK quality seal
(United Kingdom) and the TransQ qualification for Scandinavia.
The centre of competence for wheelset and bogie reconditioning presented at iaf is the
new heart of the ROBEL 360 degree service concept. ROBEL accompanies its machines
over their whole life from maintenance, repair and re-certification to complete overhaul and
modification as well as training.

ROBEL – Great on Track.
For more than 100 years ROBEL has been producing technologically ambitious rail
engineering solutions. Located in Freilassing, Bavaria the company delivers custom-made
machines, systems and service for the construction and maintenance of rail infrastructure
facilities worldwide.
In addition to a broad range of hand-guided machines and equipment the ROBEL portfolio
covers multifunctional track vehicles as well as mobile maintenance and loading systems for
more safety and effectivity on track.
Extensive service features – from maintenance, inspection and retrofit over spare part
management to revisions and re-certification – accompany ROBEL machines for a lifetime.

ROBEL Bahnbaumaschinen
Sarah Weinberger
Industriestr. 31
83395 Freilassing

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New Yanmar dealer with high expertise

The entire Yanmar product portfolio is now available at Atlas Engel.

New Yanmar dealer with high expertise

Atlas Engel Baumaschinen und Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH is now an official Yanmar partner.

Reims/Teuchem, June 19, 2017 – Yanmar Construction Equipment Europe S.A.S. (Yanmar CEE) is further expanding its dealer network. Since January 1, 2017, Atlas Engel Baumaschinen und Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH (Atlas Engel) from Teuchern, Sachsen-Anhalt is an official Yanmar partner. The dealer and renter of construction machines has been offering new and used machines as well as a wide range of related accessories and tools since 1990. Now, the various models of the Japanese manufacturer are also available at its premises of over 7,000 square meters – including zero- and short-tail excavators, from mini excavators up to the largest compact machine with an operating weight of 11 tons. Atlas Engel“s clients can now choose from the whole Yanmar product portfolio.

„We want to expand our sales network with further competent partners. Atlas Engel is well-connected company in the region. Thus, professional advice and extensive services related to our products is now guaranteed in and between Leipzig and Jena. We are looking forward to a good cooperation“, says Andreas Hactergal, Sales and Marketing Director Europe Yanmar CEE.

„Compact excavators are part of the standard range of construction companies. First, we will offer our customers the complete range of Yanmar“s new machines for sale. In addition, we plan to further expand our rental offer of Yanmar machines in the long term. The robust excavators are highly versatile and complement our range in an optimal way. This perfectly matches the high expectations regarding machines we offer to our customers. The quality of the Yanmar products has convinced us“, explains Jörg Engel, Managing Director Atlas Engel.

In total, Yanmar CEE has a network of over 170 dealers and importers throughout Europe. The ten committed employees of the new partner Atlas Engel have many years of experience and know all about tailor-made offerings. In their own workshop their qualified service personnel carries out repairs. Via an emergency service number, the personnal is available for the clients around the clock. About 80 percent of the repair and service work is carried out on site with three customer service vehicles.

Yanmar Construction Equipment Europe manufactures and distributes compact work site equipment for construction, urban renewal and development of green spaces. The headquarters and manufacturing plant are based in Saint-Dizier (Haut-Marne, France), the Sales Office in Bezannes, near Reims. The company relies on its network of over 170 dealers and importers throughout Europe to market its products.

Yanmar Construction Equipment Europe
Anne Chatillon
Rue René Cassin 8
51430 Bezannes
+33 3 25 55 29 66

Anne Bettina Leutner
Schauenburgerstraße 37
20095 Hamburg
+49 40 401 131 010

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Flexibility in a competitive market

Being flexible is vital for companies

The global market is constantly changing and requires a high flexibility of companies and the job market. This does not only concern one specific branch, it applies to all different parts of the economy and various industries. The De Soet Consulting Business Center are aware of that need. Rieta de Soet, CEO of De Soet Consulting, located in Zug, Switzerland, says that Business Center are the best way to keep moving, because standing still automatically leads to a companies death. Especially in a time of constant change. What is modern today could be old news one month later.

De Soet Consulting Business Center offer fully equipped offices that come in different sizes. The client is able to choose how long he would like to work at the Business Center, which size he needs and what kind of service he would like to book. Those are no permanent decisions. The customer can change the contract due to the companies changing needs. Rieta de Soet says, that it is the philosophy of De Soet Consulting to give the customer as much freedom and opportunities as possible.

The De Soet Consulting services include translating, secretary, accounting, IT and many more. Even if a specific service is not offered in the catalogue, Rieta de Soet and her team will try their best to fulfill all the customers needs.

De Soet Consulting ist eine Beratungsgesellschaft mit einem Team von Betriebswirten, Steuerberatern, Marketing- und Unternehmensberatern, die über eine 20-jährige Beratungserfahrung verfügen. De Soet Consulting betreut weltweit in Amerika, Asien und Europa Kunden, die ihren bisherigen Standort verlagern oder eine neue Firma gründen wollen. De Soet Consulting bietet Komplettlösungen für Unternehmen an, die ihren Standort verlegen oder einen neuen Standort gründen wollen.

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Trading Services

Instant offices

Business Center offer quick office solutions

Instant offices

Global Management Consultants AG offers a range of offices, which are also known as „instant offices“, because you can use it immediately, without having to buy furniture or IT. Everything is already there, you just have to bring yourself.

The GMC Business Centers are very popular because they offer quick solutions and give the clients a lot of different options, meaning the customer is very flexible and can also react to certain circumstances more quickly than working from an ordinary office.

Whether as a short term or a long term solution, the offices are completely equipped with a perfect office infrastructure and high qualified employees. This is a perfect solution if you want to expand your business to a different region. It is simple, uncomplicated and cheap. You don“t have any launching costs, no investments and a flexible term of lease. Rieta de Soet says, the availability of offices in a business center is a great benefit for companies coming from abroad, because they get a helping hand from the employees who speak the local language and know the culture and costums.

It is also a good solution for a young entrepreneur, who wants to start self-employment. He gets all the help and information he needs from an experienced and high qualified staff.
Furthermore GMC offers an individual telephone service, backoffice, marketing service, translating services, conference rooms and helps building up your marketing organization. No matter what your needs are, GMC offers a personal and professional service to absolutely amazing prices, says Dr. Fabian de Soet.


GMC AG mit Hauptsitz in Zug/Schweiz, ist mit zahlreichen Business Centern international in Amerika, Australien, Asien und Europa vertreten. In seinen Business Centern stehen Betriebswirte, Steuerberater, Marketing- und Unternehmensberater den Kunden zur Verfügung, die seit über 20 Jahren in den Bereichen Business Center, Firmengründung und Managementberatung tätig sind.

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English Press Releases

Global Medical Tourism Market 2017-2022 Growth Forecasts

Global Medical Tourism Market Growth, Trends and Forecast (2017-2022) : By Drivers & Strains, Size and Share, Technology, New Innovations, Future Road-map

Global Medical Tourism Market 2017-2022 Growth Forecasts

Latin America is one of the leading regions for medical travel with Mexico having the highest demand for medical tourism. Europe takes the place next. In India, medical tourism is a growing sector. As short term goal the Indian market is expected to experience an annual growth rate of 30%, making it a $2 billion industry by 2015 and continue to grow at same CAGR by 2020. Thailand and Malaysia are also becoming strong with their growth in the global medical tourism market followed by Korea.

Medical tourism which means to travel to another country for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment, is a high-growth industry driven by globalization and rising healthcare costs in developed countries. A study shows that, in US about 750,000 residents travel abroad for care each year. A range of governments across the globe have taken up various initiatives to stimulate and improve the medical tourism in the respective country in order to improve patient quality care and also help expand the market. Many countries could see significant economic development potential in the emergent field of medical tourism. Cosmetic surgery, dental care, elective surgery, fertility treatments, cardiovascular surgery and genetic disorder treatments are the most preferred forms in this sector.

The key players in the global medical tourism market are Bangkok Hospital Medical Center, Asian Heart Institute, Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd., Bumrungrad International Hospital, Fortis Healthcare Ltd., Min-Sheng General Hospital, Raffles Medical Group, Prince Court Medical Center, KPJ Healthcare Berhad, and Samitivej Sukhumvit.


High cost of medical treatment in developed countries and availability of those treatments at low prices in other countries has fueled the development of medical tourism. In addition, the availability of latest medical technologies and a growing compliance on international quality standards drive this market. The use of English as main working language that solves the problem of communication and patient satisfaction also adds to the growth of this market. Health insurance portability, advertising and marketing helps medical tourism industry to grow at fast rate.


The major factor constraining this market is that not all medical tourism is treatment on the cheap. Further to this infection outbreaks during or after travel is another factor hindering growth. Issues in following up with the patients before returning to their own country, medical record transfer issues are the other factors restraining the growth of the tourism industry.

What the report offers?

1) Market Definition for the specified topic along with identification of key drivers and restraints for the market.

2) Market analysis for the Global Medical Tourism Market in Healthcare Industry, with region specific assessments and competition analysis on a global and regional scale.

3) Identification of factors instrumental in changing the market scenarios, rising prospective opportunities and identification of key companies which can influence the market on a global and regional scale.

4) Extensively researched competitive landscape section with profiles of major companies along with their strategic initiatives and market shares.

5)Identification and analysis of the Macro and Micro factors that affect the Global Medical Tourism Market in Healthcare Industry on both global and regional scale.

6) A comprehensive list of key market players along with the analysis of their current strategic interests and key financial information.

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